What I most enjoyed during my time at Concordia was the sense of community, and how the students worked hard to organize events. Well, one of this events is the launch of Concordia’s English Graduate literary journal: Headlight. On it’s 20th it’s going strong.

The launch is on March 21st, at 19h, at Co-op Temps Libre, in Mile-End (5605 Ave de Gaspé). It’s an opportunity to hear some exciting new and not so new voices in literature. And, as a bonus, I’m reading as well. So yes, I’ll be there. I know, I know, I know I haven’t been going out lately, but it’s been a mixture of no money, excess work and no time to socialize. But there’s always some time from poetry in the midst of all that, or at least I guess.

I’m super excited and I’m super happy to be included in the same anthology with so many talented and wonderful people. 


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